EMS PROFESSIONALS RISK THEIR LIVES TO HELP SAVE YOURS! These heroes respond to over 36M medical responses annually: heart attack, stroke, acts of terror, mass casualty, community healthcare, mothers, fathers, children...

For the last 9+ months we've talked with hundreds of field medics and administrators. The feedback was clear: the generic, outdated, and uncomfortable uniforms EMS professionals wear hinder their performance, decrease their safety, and diminish their professional identity as lifesavers and PROUD. MEDICAL. PROFESSIONALS.

They deserve better and UNITY EMS is here to lead the change!

The purpose of UNITY EMS is simple - TO HELP EMS! Help EMS as a profession and as an industry: increase safety, enable peak performance, and create a distinct identity that reflects the pride these men and women take in the work they do and the lives they save.

To begin achieving this, we have developed the first and only high-performance uniform designed for EMS. Our design has been driven by direct industry input, prototyping, and field testing - DESIGNED FOR MEDICS BY MEDICS.

We sincerely appreciate your support and to the more than 800K medics in the USA - THANK YOU!