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We exist to help you thrive.

The purpose of UNITY EMS is simple – TO HELP EMS!

EMS personnel in the US have a rate of occupational violence injuries that is about 22-times higher than the average for all workers.

Less than 7% of EMS professionals surveyed believe EMS is easily recognizable from police or fire.

100% of EMS professionals surveyed believe it is critical for EMS to develop a distinct identity.

Help EMS as a profession and as an industry: increase safety, enable peak performance, and create a distinct identity that reflects the pride these men and women take in the work they do and the lives they save.

EMS personnel are proud, medical professionals that selflessly serve their communities. They provide critical emergent medical care, frequently putting themselves in harm’s way, in unpredictable & uncontrolled environments.

These heroes respond to over 36M medical responses annually: heart attack, stroke, acts of terror, mass casualty, community healthcare, mothers, fathers, children.

UNITY EMS was founded by a former leader of marketing new product development for STRYKER EMS, Don Mekkes. During his tenure, Don spent countless hours with EMS professionals, medics and administrators alike. He would frequently hear of EMS’ frustration for being often overlooked or dismissed when compared to police and fire, constant budgetary challenges due to county administrators lack of understanding for EMS’ scope of practice, or the realities of being deemed a ‘non-essential’ public service and challenges being regulated by the Department of Transportation. While on ride alongs with EMS agencies across the nation, Don would see how confusion or mistrust for EMS professionals would impede critical patient care due to

an unclear identity or being mistaken for law enforcement. Or he would see how an outdated, generic, and uncomfortable uniform design diminished the pride of these professionals, got in the way of doing their job, or simply was wildly uncomfortable!

When he discussed this with his colleagues and came to the conclusion that the traditional Class B button down or basic golf polos that most EMS agencies wear were not only hindering the professional identity of this industry but also impeding safety and patient care.

Motivated by this he set out to create something better! That is when he set out on a journey to develop the first and only high-performance uniform designed specifically for EMS!

He spent months of R&D talking with hundreds of field medics and administrators. The feedback was clear: EMS needed its own uniform, its own Superman cap! Professional sports each have a distinctly unique uniform design for their respective needs, so why should EMS continue to wear the hand-me-downs of police, fire, military?

We sincerely appreciate your support and to the more than 800K medics in the USA – THANK YOU!