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Terms & Conditions


Stock Products

⦁ We are committed to ensuring the satisfaction and product availability of our existing clients. For new customers, please plan 4 months for delivery of your first bulk order and 2-3 weeks for future orders, depending upon custom finishes.
⦁ Minimum order quantity (MOQ): None
⦁ MOQ for custom agency finishes: 20
⦁ Payment terms are 100% upon purchase order, to be received prior to delivery.

PROUD+ Outer and Base Custom Orders

⦁ MOQ 300 units
⦁ Delivery time 4 months
⦁ Payment terms are 50% upon purchase order, 50% N15 upon delivery
⦁ To ensure product is available when your team and new hires need them, we will work closely with you to manage inventory at our facilities.